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We are committed to offer cost effective integrated security & other services to our clients as per their individual requirement.


About services

We provides smart, versatile, ex-servicemen guards with proven honesty. The security personel receive civil security training before deployment and regularly undergo thought refresher courses during their career with up-to-date security skills.



About Middle Gorkha Security

We offers a wide range of servces and equipment for all kinds of premises and operations.As we fare fully committed to better quality and customer care.the has gained the trust and confidence of customers. MGS has been formed in 2015 to carry out the corporate mission of providing a high quality profession security services.we have tha necessary infrastructure.resources and expertise to provide cost effective and an efficient service.the company has a high profile compaliment of experienced managers and security professionals.We aer committed to total quality management and have aongoing quality improvement process which involves every member of our organization to meet our objective of maintaining the position of a quality leader within the security industry. Middle Gorkha Security has experience in providing security to various services Industries providing companies and residences.We fully appreciated that in –order to provide aquality services and correct level of security ,an individual and customized approach to the assignment.Requiring high caliber and skilled security personnel,intensive training programmers, better reimbursement package,closer supervision and site management is of fundamental importance.

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